Sweeney Koi Café Automatic Koi Feeder (New 24 Event Timer)




The Koi Café is the ideal automatic fish feeder for your Koi pond or backyard water garden. The Koi Café can also work in grow-out tanks and outdoor ponds for smaller, ornamental fish.


  • Choice of color: Oriental Red, Hartford Green, or Champagne
  • Adjustable feed flow lever
  • Built-in sight-gauge to check on feed level
  • Premium timer (AFT3) that is capable of feeding up to 24 times per day.
  • Holds 10 lbs. of standard Koi food
  • Equipped with 6 Volt rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: 16" L x 16" W x 17" H: 13 lbs.
Replacement Parts:



Adjust the feed flow lever and determine the number of seconds per feeding to dispense the right amount of feed every time. A built-in sight gauge makes checking your feed level easy. The Koi Café automatic fish feeder holds 4 to 6 lbs. of koi food. Select from three popular colors, Oriental Red, Hartford Green and Champagne. Add an optional solar charger and enjoy years of continuous performance without interruption. Each fish feeder comes equipped with a rechargeable 6 volt battery (BT626) and premium timer (AFT3) that is capable of feeding up to 24 times per day.


Type: Auto Feeder

Vendor: Sweeney

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