GenkiKoi Quarantine Procedure


As dedicated hobbyists, you strive to offer the best care for your fish. Genkikoi takes your concerns seriously and we proactively treat all our stock for parasites and bacteria with quarantines within KHV zones to ensure the healthiest disease-free koi. All live stock offered at Genkikoi are housed and maintained in a closed, controlled environment. This means independent quarantine systems with its own equipment to avoid cross contamination. Under our strict supervision and extensive quarantine protocols, you can be confident in receiving the healthiest fish possible upon arrival.


Proper Acclimation:

Upon receiving our Japanese koi shipment while still in their own boxes, fish are grouped by 1-4 breeders per QT system to minimize mixing. Once Koi bag water temperature is acclimated to tank water, koi are quickly moved into their QT tank. Lights are kept low in our low traffic environment to reduce stress throughout the unpacking process. Warm water and stable ph is maintained to boost immunity and strengthen their health throughout the entire quarantine period. 


Genkikoi Quarantine System:

We have 4 independent quarantine systems (2000 gal x 3. 700 gal x 1) with splash guards in between to avoid splash and cross contamination. Each system has its own net, bowl, and heaters. Each system is incorporated with big filters to ensure good water quality and to accommodate a heavier load of Koi.


Quarantine and Disease Prevention:

Koi are usually packed in a crowded box and shipped 30+hours from Japan to our facility. They arrive extremely stressed and immunity levels are greatly reduced. This is a critical time as they are now more susceptible to sickness and it's imperative that they get treated with proper medications to prevent illnesses. Our minimum QT period on all new arrivals is 4 weeks, longer when needed. Sanitization and proper hygienics is a requirement in our QT area.


The following medications are used in QT at Genkikoi:

  1. Proform-C for primary parasitic treatment of common parasites such as ich, costia, trichodina, oodinium, fungal etc. 
  2. Supaverm specifically for the treatment of skin and gill flukes, even the toughest strains will get eradicated (Prazi is used on goldfish)   
  3. Salt and Pafurazin F (elbajin) will prevent secondary bacteria infection gram +-
  4. Heat cycle between 68f-78f within "KHV virus zone" combined with arrival stress should activate the virus and potential carriers. When koi exhibit any signs or symptoms of the virus, we will send "live" samples to an authorized lab for pcr and serology (blood) testing. This will ensure containment of the virus.   
  5. After a week into QT, light feeding will commence twice daily with JPD Fujizakura "health food" which contains special ingredients to help boost koi immunity to minimize issues.
Health Observation and Inspection: 

We closely monitor behavior, food intake, and the overall appearance of each koi throughout the quarantine process to ensure safe transmission into our selling ponds. At this stage, koi from each breeder are randomly scraped and scoped at 400x magnification to make sure they are parasitic free. By this time, these fish have will have passed a strict quarantine treatment and acclimation procedure. You can be confident in receiving the healthiest fish possible upon arrival. 


What you need to do upon receiving your koi


Your Quarantine Tank:

We encourage every hobbyist to have a 300+gal QT system with an established bio filter and heaters to quarantine your koi further upon arrival. It's recommended to keep and treat your new koi purchase for 2-4 weeks before introducing them to your established pond to reduce risk of disease transmission. 


Setup Upon Arrival:
  1. Fill your QT tank with pond water assuming your pond is healthy and water quality is good. Or use fresh water but make sure to dechlorinate it  
  2. Add salt to 0.3% concentration (3lbs per 100gal)
  3. Bring water temperature to 68f-75f (in relation to the water temperature of the bagged fish before its release into the new water). Use proper aquarium heaters
  4. Your quarantine tank should have a well established filtration system
  5. Use a dedicated net, tub, and tank cover


Quarantine Instructions: 

Float koi bag in a shaded area of the QT tank for 20 minutes to acclimate the Koi to the new water temperature. Cut the bag on the floated top side and gently move koi into its QT tank. Never put dirty bag water into the tank. Place your koi into the quarantine tank and observe carefully for 2-4 weeks. Monitor closely to see if they develop any problems.

  1. Never feed new arrivals within the first 3 days. This will help them to recover faster and to settle down in their new environment
  2. 10% water change twice a week to keep quality in best condition
  3. Feed lightly after 3rd day with JPD Fujizakura "Health Food" to build koi immunity and boost energy once per day
  4. Test water quality daily. Ideal water conditions should have 0 ammonia and 0 nitrate