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JPD Fujizakura Health Diet



This product is a premium koi food formulated with heat-resistant vitamin C, torula yeast and B-glucan for the management of healthy koi.
This product is fortified with astaxanthin, which is necessary for koi color enhancement.
Manufactured with top quality fish and krill meal which koi find very palatable.


  • This food is mixed with some special ingredients, and it includes seaweed extract, B-glucagon and yeast cell wall, which is immunostimulant. These components stimulate the immune system and accelerate immune response.
  • When fish have stress by environmental changes, please use this food. And this food is suitable for maintenance for koi show.
    Because this pellet keeps shape for long in the water, this food doesn’t deprave the water quality.
  • Stress is one of the causes of disease. This food is enriched with staple vitamin C which helps reduce stress. 
  • Astaxanthin makes reds redder and vitamin C makes whites whiter. These ingredients make a shiny beautiful body. Koi will take on a natural beautiful color.


Feeding Instructions:
Carefully feed the amount your fish will completely consume within a few minutes based on your water temperature, pond condition, and activity level of your fish. Avoid overfeeding at all times.


Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein min 37.0%
Crude Fat min 6.0%
Crude Fiber max 4.0%
Moisture max 11.0%
Crude Ash max 14.0%

min 1.2%

Calcium max 1.7%


Wheat Flour, Fish Meal, Squid Meal, Soybean Cake, Corn Gluten Meal, Defatted Rice Bran, Wheat Germ, Fish Oil, Calcium Phosphate, Salt, Toyoserin/Probiotics, Vitamins (A, D3,  E, K3, B1, B2, Pantothenic Acid, B12, Niacin, B6, Folic Acid, Biotin, Cobalt Carbonate, Calcium Idoate, Magnesium Carbonate).

Type: Koi Food

Vendor: JPD

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