Sweeney Battery-6 Volt, 3.4 AMP-HR


  • Rechargeable lead acid batteries.
  • Recharge with a 1 amp/hr trickle charger or smaller.
  • 6 Volt 3.4 amp-hr
  • Dimensions: 5" L x 8" W x 3" H: 1 lb.


These batteries can give you years of service if you follow these guidelines:
  • DO NOT let the battery run down completely, these batteries do not have a memory and can be charged anytime
  • DO NOT recharge with a charger that is larger than 1 amp/hr or the battery will be damaged.
  • Use a trickle charge type charger, 1 amp/hr or less, these batteries are not like a wet cell battery, they cannot accept a charge rapidly
  • Charge completely and store in a cool dry place if you have to put your feeder up for a while, then charge before using again
  • Put a solar charger on your feeder and forget about the battery for 3 or 4 years


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