Microbe-Lift CMC



Premium–grade calcium montmorillonite clay supplement for koi
Benefit koi health and pond water quality with Microbe-Lift CMC
Add minerals and trace elements for koi health, growth and color


Add to your pond daily or weekly to provide up to 64 minerals and trace elements vital for koi and goldfish. Microbe-Lift Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (CMC) provides minerals and elements to promote a healthy immune system and is the ideal supplement for growth and skin improvement. Koi keepers report improved fish color, better white pigmentation, and scale luster. Montmorillonite also clarifies and detoxifies your pond. Temporary water clouding usually clears overnight. Measuring spoon enclosed.

More Information

There are many ways to introduce Microbe-Lift CMC into your pond. Choose the method that best suits your needs.

* Slurry Method-Fill a bucket with water from your pond. Add clay and mix thoroughly. Pour it back into the pond.
* Add some pond water to the clay. Press it into a round ball. Place the bound-up clay ball anywhere in the pond water where it will slowly dissolve.
* Roll your fish food in the clay. After the clay is absorbed into the food, you can feed your fish a more nutritionally complete version of your favorite fish food.


Dosage Rates*

Size of Pond Maintenance
100-249 gallons 1 level teaspoon, twice weekly
250-500 gallons 1 level tablespoon, twice weekly
501-1,000 gallons 2 level tablespoons, twice weekly
*You may use more clay to meet your goals. Microbe-Lift CMC cannot be overdosed.


Note: Microbe-Lift CMC is used in ponds to achieve many goals: Fish nutrition through mineral ingestion, koi color improvement and detoxifying and clarifying (polishing) pond water. After every application, your water will appear murky. In small dosages, the water will clear up in a few hours (two tablespoons per 500 gallons will take approximately six hours for the water to clear). In large dosages, the water may be murky for days. Clays are generally used by koi enthusiasts that are more concerned about mineral clay content than water clarity. In Niigata, Japan most koi breeders will add more clay as their water becomes clear.


General Information

It is said the secret to healthy, color Japanese koi is the clay mud in which they are raised. Microbe-Lift Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (CMC) comes from one of the highest calcium clay deposits in the world. Calcium-based clay may actually help your pond water to produce some of the healthiest and deep-colored koi you've ever raised (or seen). The koi's marking will become brighter and more dominant.

Plastic preformed ponds, as well as vinyl, cement and rubber ponds do not have any nutrients at the bottom. In the wild, carp actually use mud to get many of their micronutrients and minerals. Microbe-Lift CMC has a negative electric charge which will bind the clay particles to positively-charged toxins in the water. The clay acts as a natural flocculent and the particles that are bound-up are filtered out of the pond. Microbe-Lift CMC is a nutrient source for koi and it will "polish" your pond water. The clay can actually help make pond water "sparkling clean."

The temperature band for koi is 62°F-84°F. At 50°F, it will take about a week for koi to digest food. At 45°F, digestion stops. At 60°F, it will take about a day and at 70°F, food will pass through in two hours. At 70-75°F, koi will have twice the time to digest their food, if clay is added in sufficient quantities.


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