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Breeder Exchange Fest



Oyama Hirokazu

As a 1st generation koi breeder in Sera Town Hiroshima prefecture, Oyama san has 30 years of experience in the koi industry. He specializes in breeding Kohaku, Sanke, Showa using Dainichi and Takeda bloodline. He also breeds Kujaku and is the creator of the latest koi variety called Kaede (yellow leaf).

Show Achievements

Highest achievement at breeder level winning Reserve Grand at Hiroshima Nogyosai (Breeder Koi Show) with his self bred 80bu Kohaku. Highest achievement at All Japan Combined Koi Show is Baby Champion, Sakura Prize and many others.



Oyama san trained under Tamaura Fish Farm but creates his own koi characteristics and traits that differentiate his from others.





Masai Kiyoharu

As a 1st generation koi breeder in Iwajima Island of Hyogo prefecture, Masai has been breeding koi for 18 years. He specializes in Sanke from Kichinai bloodline and Doitsu type koi.

Show Achievements

Highest achievement at Japanese koi show includes, Grand Champion at 30th Uonuma-City and 37th Airinkai Awaji Koi Show Sanke with his self bred 70bu Sanke Highest achievement at All Japan combined Koi Show are Tsubaki prize, Kokugyo prize.



Masai san graduated college as a Marine Biologist so he brings a different breeding perspective with gene selection rather than tradition breeding.



The 2 breeders have hand selected a limited number of “SPECIAL” tosai and jumbo tosai to offer US hobbyists “VHQ KOI @ SPECIAL PRICES.” We will post them on our website for pre sale to all US hobbyists on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Simply check out and you are done. You will not want to miss this event. All remaining koi will go on display and sold by their breeder at Genki Koi store on Saturday Sept. 15th.


In addition, all JPD koi food ordered during this weekend Sept. 15th-16th will enjoy a 15% discount. And any 3 15kg or 20kg bags combo order will get 1 “FREE” JPD food stock the color of your choice.  


For local hobbyists, please come join Masai san and Oyama san and welcome them as this is their 1st visit to the US.


Thank you for your support and see you all soon.



Saturday, September 15th 2018


10am - 5pm



(408) 295-4500