Teton Leaf Basket Strainer



Product Description

The Teton leaf strainer baskets offer a 90 cubic inch straining capacity for debris interception, which protects pumps and is also used to prime unique plumbing configurations.


  • 1-1/2″ & 2” size slip intake
  • 1-1/2″ & 2” mpt discharge


  1. Carefully remove the strainer pot assembly from its shipping package.
  2. Determine the installation location of the strainer pot assembly. Ensure that adequate space is provided for routine maintenance.
  3. Plan carefully the layout of plumbing including cutting pipe to the exact length and ensuring that adapters will be aligned and square with the strainer pot assembly and pump. Note that the strainer must be installed so that water flow travels into the upper port and out the lower port. Using PVC glue, glue the plumbing in place once you are certain that location is as desired.
  4. Ensure that the upper port gasket is properly positioned between the strainer body and the half union connection. Do not use grease or glue to attach as they may contain chemicals that could attack the plastic material.
  5. Hand tighten the split nut connection onto the strainer and glue the plumbing to the half union fitting with PVC glue. (Make sure to hold plumbing firmly for 30 seconds while the glue sets up).
  6. The lower port split nut connection on strainer can be
  7. Simply attached directly to most external pump (inlet adapters may be necessary, order as required). Use the supplied pump compression ring gasket provided and ensures that it is sitting correctly between either the pump and split nut or inlet adapter and split nut (use Teflon tape with inlet adapters).
  8. Hand tighten the split nut connection onto the inlet of the pump.
  9. Turn system on and inspect both port connection(s) for leaks.


Type: Basket Strainer

Vendor: Teton

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